Getting started employers

In order to effectively maximize the platform it’s critical that you understand the basics regarding setting up your account and profile. The below guide will walk you through the process.

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Profile Setup Flow

Sign Up

Sign up from the main page from the link on the top header. Complete the form including all details and click the create account button.

Verify Account

You will receive a verification email that you will need to open and verify by clicking the confirm email address button in the email. Alternatively you can copy the link in the email body and past in your browser bar.


From the verification email, you’ll be signed in automatically or you can sign in directly from the home page. Once you do, you can complete the profile information on the settings page.

Dashboard Information

This is your main dashboard that you see when you login. From here you can access your profile and settings. You can see each of the listings people have posted, advertising the services they want to be hired for. You also have a very easy to use filters to help you find exactly you are looking for.

Complete User Settings

From the settings page, located in the top right corner you are going to want to complete your entire profile page via profile > edit profile page.

Update Your Profile

Fill in all of the details, including an image that will used as your display picture. You can also use a company logo for the display image so talent knows exactly who they are speaking with. The more information you include, the better likelihood you have of the talent wanting to work with your company.

Congrats! You are ready to start accepting offers.